Phones are located in the day care office for emergency calls.

In the event of a fire or tornado, staff will follow the written instructions posted in each classroom, describing emergency evacuation routes, and the procedures to be followed to assure that children have arrived at the designated area. In order to prepare children for the unlikely need to evacuate, the center does conduct monthly fire drills and periodic tornado drills. Should we need to evacuate due to fire, weather conditions, the loss of power, heat, or water to the center, our emergency destination is JC Sommer Elementary School. The secondary location, should we need to evacuate the area, is Grove City High School. A sign will be posted on the front of the center indicating that we have been evacuated and the location where you can pick up your child. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible to come and pick up their child. If a parent cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency contacts as listed on the child’s enrollment information.


In the unlikely event there would be an environmental threat or a threat of violence, the staff would; secure the children in the safest location possible, contact and follow the directions given by the proper authorities and contact the parents as soon as the situation allows. An incident report would also be provided to the parents.


There is always one staff member present that has received training in First Aid, Communicable Disease and CPR. In the case of a minor accident/injury, staff will administer basic first aid and TLC. If the injury would be more serious, first aid would be administered and the parents would be contacted immediately to assist in deciding an appropriate course of action. If any injury is life threatening, the EMS will be contacted, parents will be notified, and a staff member will accompany the child to the hospital with all available health records. Staff may not transport children in their vehicles. Only parents or EMS will transport. King’s Kids Day Care must have the parents’ permission to secure emergency transportation in the event of an illness or injury which requires emergency treatment. Use of aerosols in the building shall be prohibited when the children are present.

An incident/injury report will be completed and given to the person picking up the child on the day of the incident/injury if any of the following occur: the child has an illness, accident, or injury which requires first aid; the child receives a bump or blow to the head; the child has to be transported by emergency squad; or an unusual or unexpected event occurs which jeopardizes the safety of the child. If a child requires emergency transportation, the report shall be available within twenty-four hours after the incident occurs.

The center shall also verbally contact licensing personnel from the appropriate ODJFS office within 24 hours when there is a “general emergency” or “serious incident, injury or illness”. The report will be provided to licensing staff within 3 business days of the incident.