Field Trips / Transportation

Routine trips: We will transport children attending Richard Avenue, OLPH, or JC Sommer Elementary on school days, using the day care bus. Attendance will be taken on the bus. If a child is scheduled to be on the bus but is not present, the school and/or parent will be contacted until the child’s whereabouts are known. The SWCS bus will transport children to and from Buckeye Woods Elementary. There will always be a staff member with first aid, communicable disease and CPR trainings present in the van. A complete first aid kit will be taken on all trips.

Field Trips: We will be taking periodic field trips which will also be done with a trained staff member and a complete first aid kit. Before departing the center, we will have counted all students by calling their name from the emergency cards. The same procedure will be done before departing from our destination. These cards will be located on the van for all trips. All children will wear seat belts and/or follow car seat laws for the State of Ohio. All children will wear ID tags or day care T-shirts identifying the Center and phone number. We will transport children in school bus,15 passenger buses, or parent volunteer vehicle.

All trips require written permission from the parent/guardian.