Guidance Policy

 This policy was established with the belief that children need to have definite limitations set in a positive manner.  At no time will any form of physical punishment be administered to a child.  If a child behaves in a manner that is unacceptable to the classroom situation, he or she will be required to sit away from the group for no more than 1 minute for each year of the child’s age.  No child will be disciplined for bathroom accidents, failure to eat, or failure to sleep.  This policy applies to all employees on the premises.  If a situation requires further consideration it will be discussed with the Parent.

 Children who cannot adjust to the Center’s program or who consistently display behavior that is harmful to themselves or others can be excluded from the Center at the discretion of the Director.  It is the policy here at King’s Kids that the responsible staff member will discuss all concerns about a child with the Administrator and the parent only.