Illness & Communicable Disease

The staff members are trained in the recognition of signs and symptoms of illness and in hand washing and disinfection procedures through organizations licensed to do so. An employee showing signs and symptoms of illness will not work with the children until these symptoms are gone. A substitute teacher will be called in to take charge of that particular group. A list of employees trained in First Aid and Communicable Disease will be posted in the office.

King’s Kids Day Care provides children with a clean and healthy environment. However, we realize that children become ill from time to time. If this is your child’s first group care experience, it is possible that they may experience more frequent illnesses at the beginning before their immune system becomes more active. We observe all children as they enter the program to quickly assess their general health. We ask that you do not bring a sick child to the center. They will be sent home! Please also plan ahead and have a back up plan in place if you are not able to take time off from work/school.

A child with any of the following symptoms will be immediately isolated and discharged to the parent or emergency contact:

Temperature of 100 degrees F – in combination with any other signs of illness. Temperature shall be taken by the axillary (armpit) method with a digital thermometer. It shall be sanitized after each use.

Diarrhea (three abnormally loose stools within a 24 hour period)

Severe coughing (causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound)

Difficult or rapid breathing

Yellowish skin or eyes

Redness of the eye or eyelid, thick and purulent (pus) discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching or eye pain

Untreated skin patches, unusual spots or rashes

Unusually dark urine or gray or white stools

Stiff neck with an elevated temperature

Evidence of untreated lice, scabies or other parasitic infestation

Vomiting more than once or when accompanied by any other sign of illness

Sore throat or difficulty swallowing


Any child demonstrating signs of illness not listed above will be isolated and carefully observed for symptoms. The parent will be notified. If a child does not feel well enough to participate in center activities, the parent will be called to pick- up the child. Anytime a child is isolated they will be kept within sight and hearing of a staff member. The cot and any linens used will be washed and disinfected before being used again. A school child may be made comfortable on a mat that shall be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized with an appropriate germicide.

Parents will be notified by a sign on the door if children have been exposed to a communicable illness. Children will be readmitted to the center after at least 24 hours of being free of fever and other symptoms. If they are not symptom free a doctor’s note will be required stating that the child is not contagious.

Medications: We will administer prescription drugs. They must be in the original container with the child’s name, dosage to be given and times. The Parent must sign a release form giving us permission to administer the medication. Non prescription drugs can only be given with written instructions from the doctor.

School-agers only will be permitted to maintain control of their inhalers. Parents must sign a release form stating that they are permitting their child to have access to the inhaler at all times. The child must keep the inhaler on his person at all times or give it directly to the responsible staff member.

Non prescription ointments, lotions and creams can be used in the Center with written instructions from the Parent.

Food Supplements or Modified Diets: If your child requires a food supplement or a modified diet, you must secure written information from your physician regarding this. Please speak with the administrator for more details regarding this.