• Basic enrollment and health information must be on file at the center for any child to be enrolled. Emergency Authorization must be maintained at the Center. King’s Kids must have permission to secure emergency transportation for any child in the event of an illness or injury which requires emergency treatment. If permission is not given to the center to secure transportation, then admittance to the program will be denied. Any change to this information must be communicated to the office or teacher immediately so that current information is always on file.

    A current medical form, signed by your child’s doctor, must be on file at the Center within 30 days after enrollment. If the form is not turned in by this time, the center may withdraw the child from the center. This must be updated every 13 months.

    If your child has any special health concerns such as allergies, food supplements, asthma, etc., then you must have a “special health needs” form filled out. This form is to be given to the Director at the time of enrollment and must include any special instructions to make sure your child is getting the proper care they need. This form is provided in the office.

    A Parent/Guardian contract must be on file at the Center.

    Procedures: Your child will need a packed lunch, a pillow and blanket for nap time (except school-agers), and an extra change of clothes to be kept here at the center. Pillows and blankets will be sent home on Fridays to be laundered. Large items are discouraged due to limited storage.

    Each child is permitted to bring one toy from home on one scheduled day each week for “show and tell”. The item must be small enough to fit into the child’s cubby. Items from home are not to be brought any other day. Toy guns and weapons are not permitted.

    It is very important that parents call the center if a child is going to be absent that day or for any length of time (i.e., vacation, sickness, etc.).

    Attendance: To sustain your child’s full time spot in a class, he/she must consistently be in attendance at least 25 hours per week.