Arrival/Departure: No child shall ever be left alone. Parents are required to bring their children into the classroom and to use the sign in / sign out book at the front entrance of the building. Any special messages, medications, special pick-up notes, etc., are to be given to the teacher. Children may not be dropped off at the entrance of the building or be sent inside alone. Staff must be made aware of each child’s presence before the parent departs. At the time of pick up, parents are asked to make contact with their child’s supervising staff member to ensure that staff is aware that the child has been picked up. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their child before signing them in and after signing them out.


Supervision of Toddlers and Preschoolers: At no time will a child be left unattended. Staff will supervise children at all times, including nap time. If a child becomes ill, they may be isolated in a section of the room not in use, but within the sight and hearing of a staff member.


Supervision of School-age Children: School-age children may run errands inside the building or use the restroom alone or in groups of no more than six children without adult supervision as long as the following conditions are met:

– Children are within hearing distance of their teacher.
– The teacher checks on the children regularly until they return.
– The restroom is for the exclusive use of the center.




Children Arrive to the Center from Other Programs: At times it may be necessary for a child to arrive at our center from another program. If a child is scheduled to arrive and does not, we will first contact the parent to confirm that the child is scheduled to be at our center that day, and then contact the program they are to have arrived from. Further action will be determined by parent.


School Delays/Cancellations: Our program will operate a full day program for school-agers when school is closed for vacations, delays or cancellations.


Release of a Child: Staff will release children only to people on the release form provided by the parent. If an emergency arises, the parent must provide a written, signed note giving the person permission to pick-up their child. Staff will check the ID of anyone they do not recognize. Please let people know about this ahead of time so they can bring a picture ID. The children’s safety is our priority!

Staff will not release children to anyone, including parents, who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Emergency contacts will be called to transport the child home. Police will be notified if necessary.


Custody Agreements: If there is any custody issues involved with your child, you must provide the center with court papers indicating who has permission to pick up the child. The center may not deny a parent access to their child without proper documentation.


Transitioning: You will be notified when your child is ready to move up to the next classroom. As part of the procedure, center staff will develop a transition plan. This plan will include the beginning and ending date of the transitioning period and include a transition schedule. Parents can also request to have their child transitioned. These requests will be accommodated if it is in the best interest of the child and space is available in the next room.