Tuition Fees & Payment

Tuition is to be paid on Monday or the first day of each week of your child’s attendance. Checks are to be made payable to King’s Kids Day Care and are to be placed in the tuition box by the sign in/sign out desk at the front entrance. We accept checks drawn on local banks only. We are able to schedule your payments to be automatically charged to your credit card. You can choose when your payment will be made as long as payments are received in advance and not in arrears. A Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form is included in this packet for your convenience. If you make a cash payment, please have the receptionist write a receipt for you before you leave. Our tax ID number is available upon request.

Full time weekly fees: Full time fees are as follows: infant is $220, toddler(18 mo. – 3yrs.) is $160.00, preschoolers(3yrs and potty trained – 5 yrs.) is $140.00, grade K-4 (before and after school) is $80.00, grade 1-4 (before or after school) is $56.00, grade K – 4 is $130.00 during summer vacation.

Part time weekly fees: Part time schedules are only available for toddler and pre-school classes. The Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule is $95.00 for toddler and $85.00 for preschool. The Tuesday and Thursday schedule is $75.00 for toddler and $65.00 for preschool.

Registration Fee: A non-refundable $36 registration fee per family will be due upon enrollment.

Delinquent Accounts/Returned Checks: There is a late fee of $10.00 applied to payments received after Monday or the first day of your child’s attendance. We have a $20.00 returned check fee as well.

Vacations: After six consecutive months of attendance, there are two weeks out of the calendar year when you can pay half tuition if your child will be absent the entire week.

Holidays: Full tuition is due for any periods including holidays. Staff will receive these days as paid holidays.

Late Pick-up Charges: There is a $2.00 charge for every 5 minutes you pick up your child past 6:00 PM. This fee is to be paid directly to the staff person in charge.

School-agers: There is a $10 charge for not calling your child absent on scheduled school days. It is very difficult for the driver to search for a child with several other children already on the bus. Thank you for your cooperation.

Discounts: If a family has three children currently attending KKDC, the third child will receive a 10% discount. The fourth child will receive a 20% discount. All subsequent children attending simultaneously will receive a 20% discount.

Withdrawals: Parents wishing to withdraw their child may do so at any time. A two week notice, in writing, is required to avoid any charges that may be applied to your account.
Inclement Weather: On rare occasions, it may be necessary to close the center due to poor weather conditions. We will make every effort to open our doors at the normal time. If circumstances should arise, watch television station channel 6 for closing information or listen to news radio 610 WTVN, 97.9 WNCI, 92.3 WCOL, 105.7 WFJX, and 1230 WZNW.